Having the correct estate plan is crucial to give the legacy that you have created the opportunity to shift
beyond wealth preservation and into growth and transformation.

  • Over the next 25 years almost 45 million U.S. households will transfer a total of $68 trillion in wealth to heirs and charity, according to data from Cerulli.
  • Baby boomers will account for 70% of the givers, ands Gen Xers the primary beneficiaries, over the next two and a half decades.
  • Research shows that over the next 25 years, almost 60% of the overall transfer will go to Generation X household, and baby boomers will be replaced by Gen Xers as the generation with the greatest wealth.

Tax Efficient Solutions coordinates all the underwriting and policy design, reviews all legal documents, works closely with the lenders, stages the process, monitors progress and coordinates all communication between the parties. Our relationship with specific lenders and carriers, coupled with decades of experience working with high net worth clients ensures comfort as we move through the process. There’s no “one size fits all” solution, each client requires a unique plan reflecting their unique capital, income, business, tax, estate and charitable objectives.

With the right life insurance strategy, you can safe guard who and what you care about while creating opportunities for your wealth to go further.

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