Where Have All the High-Net-Worthy Clients Gone?

Florida is known for the warm weather, sandy beaches, and luxurious lifestyle. While many individuals move to Florida due to these reasons, statistics have proven that most are moving in response to the changes to the federal tax law. By 2014, the Census Bureau noted that the population of Florida exceeded that of New York, yet in addition to the Empire State, a large influx of new residents has come from Connecticut, New Jersey, California and Illinois. The well-known fact that Florida residents are not subject to the statewide income tax has allowed individuals to save more of their hard-earned money.

What does this mean for your clients? At Tax Efficient Solutions, we can help create a custom-tailored plan to maximize your client’s legacy. Providing maximum control with tax efficiency provides a smooth conveyance of assets and guarantees the lifestyle and standard of living for your client, their children, and their grandchildren.

It is important that your clients review their plan for transferring their hard-earned wealth to the next generation while the higher estate exemption amounts remain in effect.

Tax Efficient Solutions coordinates all the underwriting and policy design, reviews all legal documents, works closely with the lenders, stages the process, monitors progress and coordinates all communication between the parties. Our relationship with specific lenders and carriers, coupled with decades of experience working with high net worth clients ensures comfort as we move through the process. There’s no “one size fits all” solution, each client requires a unique plan reflecting their unique capital, income, business, tax, estate and charitable objectives.