Are You Using Your Gift Tax Exemption Effectively?

Estate planning is always an inexact science. Political sentiment changes, budget priorities shift, and fiscal realities set in. Because of the inherent uncertainties, estate planning professionals urge entrepreneurs to take advantage of favorable conditions when they can.

Most individuals are not effectively using their gift tax exemption, which will reduce the size of their estate.

It’s time to create an estate plan to take advantage of the big tax exemption now, before it is set to expire in 2025, at which time it could revert to the pre-2018 exemption level of $5million.

To maintain a desired standard of living both for the clients and their heirs, it is imperative to have the correct estate plan to not only protect the clients’ own personal wealth, but also to grow the clients’ financial assets and continue building generational growth. Let us guide you in implementing an estate plan that will guarantee that your financial legacy (or your clients’) will not only be protected but also shift into growth and transformation.