Teen Sisters Created a $20million-Plus Per Year Business

It’s a family affair: Mom is the CEO and Dad is the COO/CFO, while the sisters created a $20 million + per year business.

In 2012, sisters Isabel and Caroline Bercaw began creating their own bath bombs, simply by mixing baking soda, citric acid and fragrance oils together. They called their kitchen sink company “Da Bomb Bath Fizzers”.

Today, the company employs over 200 people and has sold $10 million bath bombs to retail partners such as Target, CVS, and Costco. They have made close to $20 million every year since 2018.

Now, as the business grows and the girls become older, undoubtedly they will resolve to plan to protect their legacy for future generations to come. Regardless of their age, implementing an estate planning is important for them sooner rather than later as the 2020 exemption rates are at $11.58 million per individual. In 2025, the law sunsets and reverts back to the $5 million level. It is no doubt that these two girls have excellent entrepreneurial skills and talent, as they were able to create a multimillion-dollar company out of their disappointment in the bath bombs they were using as 10 and 11 year old’s. We have no doubt there are many great things to come from these two sisters.

Side note: They’ve also added a sustainability mission to the company: to provide clean water to the schools and villages in Kenya-with an emphasis on women’s hygiene. When they provide the clean water systems to these villages, schools and children – especially women – are able to stay in school longer than they would if they didn’t have those necessities. Now that is cool, and we applaud them.